If you have been fortunate to sail, dive and snorkel with us on Coral Sea Dreaming, you will notice our exquisite mermaid that adorns both the bow of the vessel, and entrance to the sleeping quarters. This beauty is our goddess of the ocean to guide and protect our passengers safely through their Great Barrier Reef adventure with us. Her beauty has no boundaries, and now you too can be a certified mermaid of the oceans with Coral Sea Dreaming!

Very soon, we are going to be the unique providers of Cairns very first ‘mermaid course’ Now I am sure you are asking what does this mean? Well you can now sail, dive, snorkel AND mermaid with Coral Sea Dreaming. On the second day of your Great Barrier Reef dive adventure, we will offer our guests the opportunity to adorn a stunning mermaid tail (Coconuts or seashells on top optional to complete your look, but how stunning would you be??) and mono fin for some in water fun.

Our fully qualified mermaid instructors will take you through some essential skills in how to use a mono fin, propel yourself through the water with a flick of your sexy tail and safely make your way back to the boat. Once your confidence exceeds your sexiness and you have ‘scaled’ those essential skills, pose on deck and in water for some stunning ‘mer-selfies’ to share with family and friends.


Upon completion, you will be issued with your very own ‘mermaid licence’, some photos to showcase your epic day of mermaiding and you will leave your dive adventure with cherished memories and a smile that will last a life time.

Now guys, I know you are thinking this is a ‘girly thing’ but let us assure you, this is just as great for you spunky mermen! We have both male and female tail designs on our liveaboard and imagine a matching his and hers ‘mer-selfie’ on the Great Barrier Reef!!

So, keep your eyes on this website fellow divers, as this fantastic and fun course will soon be available as an additional option while you join Coral Sea Dreaming for your amazing Great Barrier Reef dive, snorkel and sail adventure.

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