Dive Site – Long Bommie & Paradise Reef
Depth – Up to 25 meters
Visibility – 10 to 20 meters

Considered a mid-reef, and with exceptional visibility year-round, Breaking Patches is popular for sites such as Pretty Patch’s, Long Bommie and Paradise Reef. You can expect to encounter reef sharks, pelagics, anemones with cheeky clown fish, sweet lip and unusual Nudibranchs not seen in other locations as well as unique Stonefish. For the lucky diver, you may encounter the occasional leopard shark and Manta ray.

Breaking Patches is a long cigar shaped reef, broken into large towering structures that feature various swim throughs filled with Gorgonian fans, Glass fish and Pavona Coral the size of a small house with corallite structures that grow at 3mm a year. Truly a spectacle to witness.



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