This is a unique, uncrowded and personalized experience.

The tour caters exclusively to only 12 guests with a 4:1 guest:crew ratio. Make friends for life and take home memories for a lifetime.Feel at home in the cosy cabins with aircon through out, a hot shower after diving and tuck in to delicious healthy home made meals prepared on-board. There is plenty of space to laze on the sun-deck and swing in the hammock. There are no rigid schedules and plenty of time for relaxation.

Be delighted with exclusive access to a selection of 30 moorings at 9 different reefs including the world famous Milne and Flynn Reefs. We have the luxury of flexibility with our itinerary guaranteeing to take you to the BEST sites for the conditions on the day.

Our sites showcase the finest biodiversity of marine life, with over 600 species of coral, a kaleidoscope of colorful reef fish, charismatic turtles, curious sharks, cryptic critters & breathtaking schooling pelagic fish.  Our sites offer something special for everyone, snorkeling in the shallow coral gardens, diving along the reef walls or exploring the impressive pinnacles and deeper coral bombies.

Our dedicated staff will take care of your every need from one on one tuition with first time snorkeling and introductory diving. For the experienced divers  our professional SSI and PADI team will show you all the highlights and wonders of the Great Barrier Reef while keeping you safe at all times.

FREE guiding for all divers. All equipment included (no hidden extras) FREE 10min ‘try dive’ for first time divers. Camera hire available. Dive courses upon request.Night diving is an absolute must do on an overnight trip to the reef.

This thrilling experience is available for certified divers and unique to Coral Sea Dreaming, we proudly offer night diving for introductory divers. There is also an opportunity to try UV night diving for a full psychedelic coral experience.

The vessel is fitted with an on-board compressor ensuring no wait time for fills and full tanks. The small guest numbers ensures small dive groups, plenty of attention from your instructor and we never limit your dive times (per recreational dive tables).



Board Coral Sea Dreaming is at 0745, A finger Berth 2, Marlin Marina Main Jetty.

At 8am we set sail as we make way to Cairns outermost reefs. Along the way we conduct snorkeling, introductory and certified dive briefings and a vessel familiarization. There is plenty of time for passengers to mingle, relax, and get to know each other.

Travel time from Cairns to the Reef varies from 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the locations chosen for the voyage. The first site will be chosen to suit the range of in-water experience of our passengers and their comfort. Depths will range from 1 – 5m for snorkeling and 5 to 28 m for diving, with water temp varying from 23 to 32 degrees depending on the time of year. All sites provide a huge diversity for all levels of experience from extensive coral gardens with an unbelievable amount of marine life including turtles, small reef sharks, playful clown fish, a plethora of colorful reef fish and dazzling schooling pelagic fish.

Around mid day we arrive at our first location with the vessel mooring close to the reef where there are shallow coral gardens, reef walls and deeper coral bombie fields to explore.  Depending on timing lunch may be served or in-water activities will begin. Guests are provided a reef brief at the arrival of each site identifying the features and key species to look out for.

Our attentive staff will assist all guests into the water and back on deck upon return from their adventures. There is a crew member stationed on watch at all times guests are in the water with a safety tender deployed for immediate emergency assistance. For first time snorkelers we have plenty of flotation aids and a guided snorkel can be organised upon request.

In-water activities are followed by lunch which is a delicious spread of home made salads, cold meats, wraps, breads and spreads. There are always loads of snacks on offer all day and tea/ coffee facilities.

The vessel moves to a second location around 3pm. Where guests are again briefed and the pool is opened for action.

It is possible to do 2 day dives per day and 3 day dives for the avid diver. Please ask our crew at the start of the trip if you wish to dive as much as possible so we can arrange the logistics for you.

As the sunsets over the Great Barrier Reef, guests are invited to enjoy a cheese and dip platter washed down with a refreshing sun-downer on the foredeck. At this time our adventurous divers are briefed for the thrilling night dive soon to come.

A satisfying dinner is served either stirfry, thai green curry, Mexican fajitas or pizzas with salads. Depending on the time of year dinner followed by chocolate may be served before or after the night dive.

The night dive is commenced just after sunset and is an absolute must do on an overnight trip. Night time brings out a whole other world underwater from sharks and hunting red bass to sleeping turtles, dazzling luminescence and crazy glowing corals under the UV torches.

Unwind after the night dive and share some tall tales from the sea with our crew and a cold drink. Then take in the unabated galaxy of stars with all lights dimmed for a truly speechless view. Later be rocked to sleep with the romance of  our yacht floating on the Great Barrier Reef.


Day Two

Awake to the dawn and watch the sun rise over the Coral Sea. Throw yourself into the warm tropical water and wake yourself up! This is the perfect time to snorkel or scuba dive as early morning brings magical shards of light through the water and the reef fish are waking up hungry for breakfast.

Often the boat is moved at first light to secure a third location or may be done later in the morning depending on the weather.

A continental breakfast is served at 6am, followed by in water action around 7 am. then its dive and snorkel the day away until lunch time with snacks served at the helm in between. This gives plenty of time for guests to enjoy a mix of both activities, try to get that perfect selfie with a turtle, read a book in the hammock or work on that tropical tan.

Lunch is usually served between 11 – 12pm before leaving the reef but on super calm days its possible to enjoy more in-water time and then feast on lunch once the vessel makes way. Lunch is a hearty spread of salads, cold meats breads and spreads.

Come mid day its sadly time to make way back to Cairns which can take between 2.5 to 4 hrs depending on the location chosen for the voyage. This is usually a calmer transit with the prevailing winds filling our sails and smoothly guiding us home. This is also a great time to catch some sleep, have some quality time with friends and family or take in the spectacular mountainous rain forest landscape as we return to port.

On average we return to Cairns between 3 – 5pm please advise us if you need a specific return time.We enjoy showing guest where we have traveled in the vast Great Barrier Reef at the end of the trip followed by a group photo and as always swapping of email addresses and farewell hugs.

General itinerary allows for 4 day certified and 1 night dive, and 3 day intro dives with an optional night intro (conditions apply) or 4th day intro. Snorkeling is available at all times except at night.



Please note: Coral Sea Dreaming is a small boat off-shore experience. Weather can vary and the Outer Reef is up to 50 kilometers from Cairns. Coral Sea Dreaming is an adventure tour suitable for those who can swim, snorkel, dive or wish to dive.

While we always try to do some sailing, due to the prevailing South Easterly winds, this usually occurs on the return part of the trip.

We like to think that a small sailboat is always a more intimate experience than a motor boat but it is important to note, there are no activities on the boat that will suit the non-swimmer or very young children.


  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreeen & camera
  • Swimwear & beach towel (bath towel supplied)
  • Long pants & jumper during cool months
  • Small overnight bag (additional luggage can be stored)
  • Cert card / logbook for certified divers



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Dive Site – Lagoon 360 Depth – up to 18 meters Visibility – 10 to 20 meters Thetford Reef is a coral bommie
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Dive Site – Long Bommie & Paradise Reef Depth – Up to 25 meters Visibility – 10 to 20 meters Considered a mid-reef,
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Dive Site – Extacy, Blue Oceanz (NEW MOORING) Depth – Up to 8 meters Visibility – up to 15 meters Upolu is the closest
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Dive Site – Coral Bay (NEW MOORING) Depth – Up to 14 meters Visibility – 10 to 15 meters Michaelmas Cay- affectionately known
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Dive Sites – Shark Mountain, Alans Wall Depth – Up to 28 meters Visibility – Up to 25+ meters Located a little further
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Dives Sites – Split Bommie, Middle Hastings Depth – Up to 20 meters Visibility – up to 25 meters Another of Cairns outer
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Dive Site – Little Tracy & Point Break Depth – up to 28 meters Visibility – up to 25+ meters Flynn Reef
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