If escaping the crowds to some of the Great Barrier reefs most pristine scuba diving and snorkel locations is your idea of a perfect holiday, then let Coral Sea Dreaming sail you into paradise for an epic 2 day and 1-night liveaboard adventure you will never forget.

Departing from Cairns every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, MV Coral Sea Dreaming is an 18m steel ketch with beautiful wooden interior. As you descend into the air-conditioned cabins you will find 6 shared bunks for the social and solo travellers, and for the intimate honey mooners or holidaying couples, there are 3 private cabins.

With exclusive access to 29 moorings spread over 9 of the best locations, you will visit a selection of the best Great Barrier Reef sites such as Flynn and Milln reef- well known by the avid diver and snorkeler, as well as protected bird nesting habitats such as Michaelmas Cay.

Taking only a maximum of 12 guests, we guarantee low group numbers providing you a more intimate dive and snorkel experience, making it perfect for the first timer or the more experienced. A relaxed schedule and our on-board compressor allows for unlimited tank refills for you to really maximise your in-water time.






Dive Sites – The Three Sisters, The Whale, The Edge, Hoffs drop Depth – up to 36 meters Visibility – Up to 25+
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Dive Sites – West Timor, East Timor, 5 ways, Wildside, Devils Depth – up to 20 meters Visibility – Up to 20 meters
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Dive Site – Lagoon 360 Depth – up to 18 meters Visibility – 10 to 20 meters Thetford Reef is a coral bommie
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Dive Site – Long Bommie & Paradise Reef Depth – Up to 25 meters Visibility – 10 to 20 meters Considered a mid-reef,
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Dive Site – Extacy, Blue Oceanz (NEW MOORING) Depth – Up to 8 meters Visibility – up to 15 meters Upolu is the closest
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Dive Site – Coral Bay (NEW MOORING) Depth – Up to 14 meters Visibility – 10 to 15 meters Michaelmas Cay- affectionately known
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Dive Sites – Shark Mountain, Alans Wall Depth – Up to 28 meters Visibility – Up to 25+ meters Located a little further
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Dives Sites – Split Bommie, Middle Hastings Depth – Up to 20 meters Visibility – up to 25 meters Another of Cairns outer
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Dive Site – Little Tracy & Point Break Depth – up to 28 meters Visibility – up to 25+ meters Flynn Reef
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Legit changed how I think about the ocean! Review of: Coral Sea Dreaming: Overnight Dive, Snorkel and Sail Experience from Cairns I'm yet another voice added to the list of reviewers who say this was their highlight of an Australian trip. I went out on Nov 19-20, 2019 with Christian (our skipper/ocean philosopher), Mike (the best dive instructor a newbie diver like me could hope for), and Leo (who dove with the certified divers and made seriously delicious meals for all of us). I'd been diving a few times before, but not for years and not to a point where I felt particularly comfortable with it. This trip truly changed that for me. The whole crew worked hard to encourage us to spend as much time in the water as we could, and Mike hit just the right combination of easy-going humor and professional attentiveness to really help us new divers feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The world of the Great Barrier Reef is incredible (in the literal sense of the word), and the different moorings we stopped at gave us so many chances to experience that. Snorkeling over so many different types of coral and fish and anemones up close, listening to parrot fish crunch their food, watching bioluminescence swirl around in the night water, following sharks as they hunted, passing by schools of barracuda hanging motionless in the current, tickling giant clams in so many amazing colors. Really, this entire trip was like unlocking the doorway to a wholly magical new realm. I never thought I'd do all the dives possible, especially the night dive. But I did. And I was sad that I couldn't do more. By the end of these two days, far from nervous, I was eager to wriggle into my wetsuit and jump back into the water for more. Thank you to the crew for all their wisdom and encouragement and laughter. Thank you to all the passengers on my trip, who approached our adventure with open arms. If you're looking for a short trip that will still totally immerse you in life onboard (let yourself be rocked to sleep by the waves, watch the sun set and rise over the ocean, embrace barefoot life, sway in the shady hammock) and will meet you at whatever level of diving and/or snorkeling experience you've got, this is a perfect option for you!

Love, love, loved it, such a great experience, amazing crew and passengers. This would have to be the best boat I have been on in Cairns. Can't wait to hopefully come out another time because It's had so much fun! Thanks again Coral Sea Dreaming you guys are awesome.

Laila S. via FACEBOOK

We sailed, we laughed, we dived! A great two days onboard Coral Sea Dreaming

We are just back from the two day one night sailing and diving trip on Coral Sea Dreaming. We chose these guys as they were smaller than many of the much bigger operators out of Cairns and hoping for more personal and less hectic approach with smaller diving numbers. We were not disappointed. The maximum allowed on the boat is 12 guests and 3 crew. It made for a much more intimate trip which allowed us to get to know everyone on the boat really well by the end.

The crew were all brilliant and looked after us really well. My friend and I went specifically to dive and the biggest group we dived with was four. Morgan the dive master was attentive and patient as there were different levels of competency but made each dive a great experience for everyone. Thanks guys for a cracking two days. Highly highly recommend Coral Sea Dreaming!

SimonAsh37 via TripAdvisor

~~If you do anything in Cairns, see the reef! If you’re looking for a small tour to do it with, chose Coral Sea Dreaming!~~

We had an amazing time doing the 2 day/1 night sailing trip with Coral Sea! The crew was amazing and fun. The dive/snorkel sites were fantastic. I even did my first night dive which was a wonder in itself. We saw turtles, rays, sharks, and fish galore.

The Great Barrier Reef is a Wonder for a reason and Coral Sea made our time out there amazing. The food was good and the boat was cool. They supply you with everything you need.

Even if you don’t dive, you will see a lot snorkeling. However, if you are interest in diving but haven’t been certified, don’t worry, they take first-timers a lot and make it very comfortable.

If you do anything in Cairns, see the reef! If you’re looking for a small tour to do it with, chose Coral Sea Sailing!

Todd G. via TripAdvisor

This was such an amazing trip. The group (Jan, Joris, and Julien) was really knowledgeable and made our time exceptional. We did 6 dives total. Including 1 night dive. We saw sting rays, a shark, and the reefs were beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a nice diving experience without feeling pressured to rush. It was my best experience diving thus far

Marine via TripAdvisor

My sister and I had the best time on Coral Sea Dreaming!! the crew was super friendly and kind, skipper and his wife (and adorable baby) were absolutely wonderful. We loved having a smaller boat as it allowed us more one-on-one dives, all around an incredible experience!!!! Nick (member of the crew) made us feel comfortable in the water (and is also the Love of my Life) Reviewed via Facebook August 2017

Nicole - California

Tripadvisor review: Coral Sea Dreaming: Overnight Dive, Snorkel and Sail Experience from Cairns
We are locals and boy-oh-boy was Coral Sea Dreaming a great find! I booked for hubby's b'day, and the whole family (2 teens) loved the overnight trip. From my first initial email query to stepping off the boat after a great trip we were totally looked after (including great local rates). The staff and crew were super friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgeable and absolute fun. It was our first time scuba diving and it's safe to say won't be our last. The highlight for all being the magical night dive. (bucket list must). Each of the 3 different locations we visited on the reef were stunning. Highly recommend. Well done crew.

Allison N via Trip AdvisorMust do for locals & visitors! Night dive is magical.