With a love and appreciation of this vast and beautiful region of Tropical North Queensland, Adventure North Australia was founded in 2004 by Maryanne Jacques who has worked in the tourism industry for 35 years.
With this experience and understanding each of our tours are personally scheduled and arranged by a small team of staff who ensure your experience with Adventure North Australia will be special.
Adventure North Australia is proud to be part of the Bama Way Aboriginal Journeys, an innovative partnership between three highly acclaimed Aboriginal-owned and operated businesses connected by story-lines, the landscapes are great in contrast and ecologically impressive. But it’s the ability to read this land and learn about its natural and human history that makes a visit here so unforgettable.
Departing from Cairns and Port Douglas, the tours are guided by traditional custodians of the land, who willingly share the stories and wisdom passed down through generations, with those who choose to visit.


1 Day Cooktown 4wd Adventure Price From: $295.00
2 Day Cooktown Explorer Price From: $449.00
3 Day Cooktown Cape Tribulation & Cooktown Wanderer Price From: $849.00
Cooktown Drive Fly Adventure Price From: $415.00
Daintree Dreaming Day Tour Price From: $255.00
Daintree Dreaming With Ngadiku Walk Price From: $330.00

Price subject to change on availability.



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