Snorkeling is an easy and fun way to explore the reef. Come and kiss a turtle, be amazed at the colorful coral, dance with the damsel fish and get cheeky with a clownfish. The Great Barrier Reef is truly Great!

Enjoy all the snorkeling you want without a rigid schedule. On Coral Sea Dreaming we want you to take your time so that you can immerse yourself in this vast wonderland. For your comfort, we moor the vessel in well protected lagoons where shallow reef flats and coral gardens are just meters from the boat. This means you can experience all the best reefs no matter how experienced you are.

Our snorkeling takes place in coral gardens close to the boat, in shallow depths, teeming with colorful reef fish and diverse marine life. Throughout the day our staff will provide you with comprehensive site briefings and snorkeling instruction ensuring you see the best areas and are comfortable in the water. Special flotation vests are also available for the first time or nervous snorkeler. Guided snorkeling tours are upon request. Snorkeling is unlimited all day when our ‘pool’ is open.

You don’t have to swim far. Generally depths range from a meter or less to many meters, depending on whether you are cruising over the reef flats or swimming along one of the drop offs. Our vessel has a specially fitted dive platform along thew side to enable easy access to the water.

Combined with low passengers numbers and exclusive moorings, you’ll have every chance to spot that rare or elusive fish you have dreamed about with out the crowds.

During winter we provide 5 mm full length wetsuits free of charge and during the summer –full length sun suits. Prescription masks are available for free.

The water visibility can vary from 5 – 40m depending on currents, with the average being 20m. The water temp is 22 – 25 degrees in winter June to Aug then warms up to 30 – 32 degrees in summer. Summer months are prevalent for stingers (jellyfish) though this is easily managed by wearing a stingersuit and our dive sites are off shore 30 to 45 miles where stingers are far less likely.







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