Night diving is one of the best ways to see some of the Great Barrier Reef’s more exclusive creatures that only come out to play in the dark of night. Many of our moorings are perfect for night and early morning dives with large coral bommies close to the reefs edge. These provide an excellent environment for finding sleeping turtles, parrot fish hiding in their sleep bubbles, octopus, squid, shrimp and all sorts of pelagic fish coming in close to the reef to feed on small fish and plankton. Sit back with your torch in hand and watch the night show unfold. Absolutely thrilling!


We are pleased to provide night diving for introductory divers as one of only 2 companies in Australia with a licence to provide this unique experience. We call this a NITRO and is an absolute must do after completing a day intro dive. Diving at night is like another world, sharks, rays, cryptic critters and luminescence which a dazzling galaxy of stars underwater not to be missed.


Night diving is the real highlight of coming on an overnight boat!


We also offer UV night torches well worth the experience to check out the glowing corals at night!

PLEASE NOTE– introductory divers will need to complete at least one single day dive and be deemed competent by the certified dive instructor BEFORE they are able to partake in any night diving activities.



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