With a maximum of just 12 passengers and two whole days on the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea Dreaming is the perfect way to experience amazing introductory diving. With low instructor/student ratio’s (often 1:1) and amazing personal attention and care, we offer all guests a FREE 10 minute ‘try dive’ so they can experience diving before taking to the depths of the ocean. Feel at ease as we gently introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world that is the Great Barrier Reef and meet our resident Maori Wrasse, blow bubbles with a turtle as he cruises by, or come witness anemones full of cheeky Nemos.

Intro diving is fun and easy. After a thorough briefing of all the equipment your instructor will gently introduce you to the water. Once on the surface, you have plenty of time to practice with the dive gear until you feel ready to take the plunge. Once you have completed some basic skills and then want to continue on a paid dive, the instructor will take you on a guided dive and show you the secret residents of the Great Barrier Reef marine life and why scuba diving is such a popular activity and so much fun.

Have you enjoyed your diving so much through the day that you just want to keep exploring? Coral Sea Dreaming are privileged to own one of very few Introductory night diving, or as we call it, NITRO, licences in Australia through SSI (Scuba Schools International) Guided closely by our highly trained dive instructors, you now have the exciting opportunity to venture below the moon light with torch in hand to experience the nocturnal nature of the Great Barrier Reef marine life.

Dive sites vary in depth from 5 – 30m on average intro dives are conducted around 5 to 10m (max 12m). The water visibility can vary from 5 – 40m depending on currents, with the average being 20m. The water temp is 22 – 25 degrees in winter June to Aug then warms up to 30 – 32 degrees in summer. Summer months are prevalent for stingers (jellyfish) though this is easily managed by wearing a stingersuit and our dive sites are off shore 30 to 45 miles where stingers are far less likely.


We offer a 3 x day dive package which can be split up as you please over the 2 days as well as a night dive, but for avid divers it is easily possible to complete 3 day dives per day. Just let the staff know at the start of the trip.

Please: ensure you allow 24 hours after completing consecutive dives before flying. The last dive on the second day is completed by 12pm enabling you to fly the following day at 12pm.


Please note: Under Queensland Law, all introductory divers must fill out a medical form when they arrive on the boat. Strict regulations mean some illnesses and drugs may prevent you from diving. Examples include, Asthma, Heart and Lung disease, epilepsy, diabetes, recent surgery and medications you use.

Please go to our forms page and view the Coral Sea Dreaming, PADI or SSI dive medical BEFORE booking any diving. If you answer yes to any of the questions, have a high BMI, or have any other unmentioned medical conditions, you will be required to obtain a dive medical from a professional dive doctor before you are able to partake in any diving whilst on tour. You are able to do this with a doctor in your home town, or here in Cairns at 24 hours Medical center.

If you have any questions regarding your health and diving activities, please email or phone our friendly staff. A sample medical form can be found here

FREE TRY DIVE includes theory lesson, all equipment and basic skills in water. If a diver decides the experience is not for them then this was completed for free however once a diver chooses to explore around the reef with their instructor and gives the ok signal to continue their dive then this becomes a paid intro dive.



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