Whether you are newly certified, need a refresher, an experienced diver, professional or avid underwater photographer, our professional staff and huge variety of dive sites cater for all.

We travel to the best mid and outer Great Barrier Reef sites. Boasting the most and best sites out of Cairns we have 30 moorings to choose from at 9 different reefs. We can guarantee to take you to the best site on the day given weather conditions. Our sites offer a mind blowing diversity of coral and fish life, pelagic fish such as Barracudas and Giant Trevally, plentiful turtles and sharks as well as the more cryptic nudibranchs, eels, octopus, rays, cuttlefish and more! Some sites are composed of shallow coral gardens which are like diving in an aquarium, others are breathtaking wall dives or deeper coral bombie field, whilst others have intricate caves and swim-throughs adorned with giant hundred gear old Gorgonian sea fans. Check out our Reefs page for a closer look at each site.

Our staff will keep you safe and show you all the highlights at each site. This is stress free diving with all dives guided for FREE with our professional Dive Instructor team. All guests dive with a buddy.

Our new MARES and SCUBAPRO dive gear is comfortable and rigorously maintained to commercial standards.  We have an on-board compressor and triple bank air filling station to ensure you will not be waiting hours for your tank to be filled and that your tank will be full. We do not charge any hidden extras for equipment including 5mm wetsuits for cooler months.

As we only take 12 guests and have private use of the moorings you will enjoy diving in small groups and uncrowded dive sites. We strive for guests to dive their full tank always returning to the vessel with 50 + bar. Dive times are not limited, but must be to PADI and SSI recreational dive standards.

Dive sites vary in depth from 5 – 30m on average certified dives are conducted around 16 to 10m. The water visibility can vary from 5 – 40m depending on currents, with the average being 20m. The water temp is 22 – 25 degrees in winter June to Aug then warms up to 30 – 32 degrees in summer. Summer months are prevalent for stingers (jellyfish) though this is easily managed by wearing a stingersuit and our dive sites are off shore 30 to 45 miles where stingers are far less likely.


Night and morning dives are our specialty. On Coral Sea Dreaming we have a number of moorings which are perfect for night and early morning dives. Large coral bommies, close to the reefs edge provide an excellent environment to find sleeping turtles, parrot fish in their sleep cocoons, red bass hunting little reef fish, octopus, eels, lion fish and sharks. Not to mention the phosphorescence galaxy only visibly on a night dive. We also offer UV torches for night diving so you can witness the spectacular corals glowing in the dark.  Early morning dives are also magnificent. This is feeding time for many of the pelagic fish and a great time to see them cruising in the early morning sunshine.


We offer a 4 x day dive package with 2 day dives a day and a night dive, but for avid divers it is easily possible to complete 3 day dives. Just let the staff know at the start of the trip.

Please note: All certified divers require a valid “C” card. Queensland law also requires all divers to fill out a medical form

Please: ensure you allow 24 hours after completing consecutive dives before flying. The last dive on the second day is completed by 12pm enabling you to fly the following day at 12pm.



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