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P: 07 422 99000
(7.00am - 7.00pm)
(Inside Australia)
P: (+61) 7 422 99000
(7.00am - 7.00pm)
(Outside Australia)

After Hours:
P: 0474 72 77 77
(Inside Australia)
P: (+61) 474 72 77 77 (Outside Australia)

Marina Address: Berth 2/ 'A' Finger,
Marlin Marina,
1 Spence St Cairns,
QLD, 4870

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Reef Briefs:

Both rising ocean temperatures and ocean acidification pose serious long-term threats to coral reefs, but findings recently published in the prestigio...

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Forming a unique part of the animal kingdom, corals have built the only living entity visible from space; the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists from the ...

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Facebook Posts

Must have been a good one, how excited do these divers look! Tell us about your last dive on the Great Barrier Reef in the comments below 👌

Image: David Girsh
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Can never get enough of seeing these gentle giants on the Great Barrier Reef!

Have you dived with a Manta Ray? Share your story in the comments below!
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Been Dreaming about visiting the Great Barrier Reef? Make your dreams a reality on Coral Sea Dreaming - Cairns BEST 2 day/1 Night experience. #livingthedream ... See MoreSee Less

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Great Barrier Reef sunsets are the best kind! Join us and find out for yourself 🌅👌 #livingthedream

Image: @David Girsh
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Friday Fan Mail! We had Julian and Anika travel with us recently and sent us this epic video that put together after their trip.
Check it out and add your comments below! #livingthedream
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