Latest Testimonials


Best trip ever! The highlight of my 6 years in Australia! The crew, the boat and the reef were amazing! Don't think just book this!

Dave & Jan

I booked this overnight trip for myself, my husband, brother-in-law, 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son. The boat sleeps 12 with 3 crew members. I must confess that I was very nervous about the trip for many different reasons - I get horribly sea sick, I would be sharing a small space with strangers, there was no way I could get off if I hated it! I was also worried about how the children would cope. Well, it was fantastic! The other people were like us, the crew were great, I had excellent sea sickness tablets, but most importantly of all, we got to see some incredible parts of the reef. The crew were really patient with us, they dealt with all our little "issues" with grace and bonhomie. Safety was a priority and so was our wellbeing. We moved to at least 4 different dive sites. Zak was a great dive instructor, and lots of people tried diving for the first time, Heidi even took a group on a night dive (and she is a great cook!). Those of us who weren't brave enough to scuba dive were not forgotten - the sites provided fabulous snorkelling. We got to see reef sharks, turtles and the most incredible array of fish. Like my daughter said - it was like being in a 3-D movie! I would definitely recommend this trip, but don't book if you are expecting luxury. The yacht is small and pokey and ageing. But if you can look past that, and want an adventure and a chance to see unspoilt parts of the Reef in a small group, this is the trip for you.


I would just like to say thank you for a great time on the Coral Sea Dreaming. All the dives were great and the crew was great as well. A big thankyou and WOW WHAT A TRIP.

Loved it twice

We, a family of three, liked the look of this compared to the big day boats. Ideally we would have gone for a 3-day trip, but since only 2-day trips were available, we took two of those. It didn't feel at all like doing the same thing twice - different people on board, different crew, different weather conditions and different reefs made for two unique trips that we both thoroughly enjoyed, each one for its own reasons. On our first trip, we had mainly other families and snorkellers on board. The crew took us to the Thetford Reef, which we found very easy and accessible for seeing lots and lots of pretty things. On the second trip, the boat was full of experienced divers and we went to the Milln reef, where snorkelling was a bit harder, but scuba diving was absolutely spectacular. On both occasions, the crews and the fellow passengers were pleasant company, giving it more the feel of an outing with mates rather than a tourist excursion. The quarters were reasonably comfy - obviously one shouldn't have unrealistic expectations on a boat this size. But by the end of the day we were all so tired from the activity in the water that sleep was no problem. All in all, we really loved it and would definitely recommend it to our friends. And compared to the time in the water you get on the big day boats, a trip on Coral Sea Dreaming is excellent value for money. Gardener Family from Adelaide Hills

Jayde, Brett, Cullen and Linus

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking us out on the reef, it was an amazing experience that we will never forget. Pat made all of us first time divers feel so comfortable, it just made all of us want to go out again! Thanks heaps


Want to say a huge thankyou. Never thought I’d dive and I did 3 !! Amazing, saw a shark, a turtle, and Pat was incredibly professional and caring. I really felt in good, safe hands. But what a buzz. Best regards to the Jan and Sarah too. Food was awesome sarah!. Will be back.

Bill and Michelle

The crew was fantastic and engaging ensuring everyone was treated equally and given the individual attention when needed. At no time did they dismiss any question, answering them all with patience and genuine interest for the passengers. The trip surely would not have been as successful without them. Best Regards, Bill and Michelle