Latest Testimonials

Great Fun on the Reef

Hey! I did my best things in Australia on your boat, 5 times divingĀ in two days! Lot of different fish!!! 3 Ray, one big turtle during my snorkeling, And 1 shark on the night diving! It was just amazing!!! If It's possible I can put some photos. And I have to say a big thanks to all the staff, Good ambiance! Good food!! And clean boat!!! Thanks again and sorry for my English maybe not perfect.. Thanks Pierre Durigon (posted on Facebook)

Thanks Guys

Thanks Jan, Becky and Cathy - The Great Barrier Reef was just what I thought it was. Amazing !!! Thanks for taking me on some fabulous dives .. you guys were great

Staff really helpful

Thankyou Jan and Cathy. You made my trip. I was really nervous to try and dive and you settled me right down. I had a ball .. thankyou, thankyou

Bill and Marie

The crew was fantastic and engaging ensuring everyone was treated equally and given the individual attention when needed. At no time did they dismiss any question, answering them all with patience and genuine interest for the passengers. The trip surely would not have been as successful without them.

Jerilyn, Sean, Maeve, Shannahan

This was the highlight of our trip to Australia ā€“ plus the opportunity to dive was amazing. I thought I would only be able to snorkel. We would all love to come back ! Thankyou.

Beth and Russ

We would rate all as excellent ā€“ particularly staff and food. Putting the sails up on the homeward journey was a highlight. Overall it was a wonderful trip. Many thanks for choosing excellent staff who quickly created a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Beautiful locations, with great crew who really helped make the trip a great experience. Nothing seemed too hard to ask, especially as I was a bit of nervous diver. The cabins were not big,Ā  but we expected this, as the boat is only 16 meters in size. Food and servings were excellent. Our compliments to Sarah, our hostess.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you. We didnĀ“t have the best weather ever, but you have such a fantastic staff (especially Pat) that we couldnĀ“t be bothered whether it was raining or not. I was diving for the very first time and can say it was one of the best experiences in my life. Introductory dive was incredible, Pat was a brilliant, caring instructor ! I ended up going under the water 5 times, eventhough it ruined my studentĀ“s budget a bit, it was worth every single cent ! I am really happy for chosing your company and will be happy to recommend it to everyone.

Amazing 36 hours

We had an amazing 36 hours on the Great Barrier Reef.. The crew were professional relaxed and knowledgeable.. Chilled fun way to see a natural wonder of this world!

Thanks Coral Sea Dreaming!

Thanks Coral Sea DreamingĀ ! Am amazing and wonderful experience! So glad we went with you. Great small group. Incredible snorkel sites. Private and secluded sites. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime! Lisa Van Camp Reader